A-Z list of presenters and papers

We have accepted the following papers for the SMM conference 2015:

  1. Adashinskaya, Anna (Central European University, Budapest), Legislation on display: juridical documents as monumental church inscriptions in Byzantium, Serbia and Bulgaria of 13th-15th centuries
  2. Alfonso, Isabel (CSIC, Madrid), José Miguel Andrade (Santiago), André Evangelista Marques (IEM-NOVA University of Lisbon), Recording judicial information: a comparative approach
  3. Al-Khoee, Hasan (Institute of Ismaili Studies/School of Oriental and African Studies), The Grand Fatimid Circumcision Ceremonies of the Southern Mediterranean: Ritual and the Fostering of Communal Oath
  4. Attreed, Lorraine (College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Massachusetts), The English Umpire and Disputes of Honor: Mediterranean Contacts at the Lancastrian Court in the Early Fifteenth Century
  5. Barrett, Graham (St John’s, Oxford), Legislation and Codification after Rome
  6. Bowman, Jeffrey A. (Kenyon College), Women Administering Justice in the High Middle Ages: A Divergence of Rule and Practice
  7. Buchanan, Elizabeth (Oxford), ‘For my own pressing need’: the adoption (or not) of clauses in Egyptian and Gazan legal documents
  8. Caravajal, Alvaro, Authority and liability in ninth- and tenth-century Nothwestern Iberia: the evidence from the sanction clauses
  9. Carlson, Laura (Queen’s University, Canada), Written & Oral Forms of Public Penitence during the Adoptionist Controversy
  10. Cayrol Bernardo, Laura (Centre de Recherches Historiques, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris), «Hermana del emperador»: (re)constructing the memory of the infanta Sancha Raimúndez (d. 1159)
  11. Chiarelli, Leonard (Utah), Ibāḍī Community or Communities in Muslim Sicily
  12. Caciur, Dana-Silvia (Bucharest), Questi tristi Morlacchi: Venetian efforts in reducing the Morlachs incursions in Dalmatia at the middle of the 16th century
  13. Covaci, Valentina (Amsterdam), Negotiating Orthodoxy through Ritual: Franciscans and Eastern Christians at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Fifteenth Century
  14. Davies, W. (UCL/ Oxford), Partial (? and impartial) records of judicial practice in northern Iberia pre-1000
  15. D’Emilio, James (South Florida), Bending the Rules: Tradition, Variation, and Originality in Formulas of Charters from the Kingdom of León (10th-13th Centuries)
  16. Doubleday, Simon (Hofstra University), Illegitimate Concerns (public lecture)
  17. Escalona, Julio, Follow the money? Justice and authority in the sanction clauses of tenth-century Castilian charters
  18. Frisone, Matteo (Bologna), Ordinamenta et consuetudo maris of Trani: the first model of maritime law in Southern Italy?
  19. Gál, Judit (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest), Rituals of Hungarian Royal Visits in Dalmatia in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries
  20. García Velasco Bernal, Rodrigo (Cambridge), Municipal law at the Iberian frontier: the evidence of the fueros and cartas de población during the Iberian Reconquista, c.1050-c.1150
  21. Gobbitt, Thomas (Institut fürMittelalterforschung, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Vienna), Book Culture and Texts of Identity: The Lombard Laws in the Eleventh Century
  22. Gugel, David (Toronto), “Dix que ell ere coronat”: Tonsured Squires, Criminality, and Questions of Legal Jurisdiction in late medieval Valencia
  23. Hauck, Jasmin (Università Roma Tre), Marriage Dispensations and Marriage Customs in Renaissance Florence (1460-1530)
  24. Horváth, Máté (Avicenna Institute for Middle Eastern Studies, Budapest), Satans rising from under the throne: revolts and official narratives from the Fatimid Caliphate
  25. Ihnat, Kati (Bristol), Law, Liturgy and the Jews in Visigothic Iberia
  26. Jarrett, Jonathan (Barber Institute of Fine Arts, University of Birmingham), Ceremonies of Property Transfer in Carolingian Catalonia: a model of documented transaction
  27. Kelly, Michael (Leeds), Trans-Historicality in Early Medieval Hispania: Law as Narrative and Cultural Episteme
  28. Kuskowski, Ada Maria (Southern Methodist University), A Law of Conquest: Law, Custom and Colonialism in the Crusader States
  29. Lankila, Tommi P. (Università di Roma Tor Vergata, Princeton University), Islamic Law and ‘Saracen Raids’ in the early medieval Central Mediterranean
  30. Lev, Yaacov (Bar Ilan University), The Administration of Justice in Fatimid-Ayyubid Egypt
  31. Luis-Corral, Fernando (Salamanca) and María Pérez Rodríguez (Salamanca), Local Communities and the Uses of Justice in the Kingdom of León
  32. MacMaster, Thomas (Edinburgh), Out of the Wilderness to the Fleshpots of the Nile: Maintaining the eastern Mediterranean slave supply in the post-Roman world
  33. Manstetten, Paula (SOAS), Jurists, legal education and politics in 11th-12th century Syria
  34. Marsham, Andrew (Edinburgh), Rituals of accession in early Islam: a comparative perspective (keynote)
  35. Martín Viso, Iñaki (Salamanca), Authority and Justice in the shaping of Asturleonese monarchy
  36. Mataix Ferrandiz, Emilia (Southampton), Lex Rhodia de iactu: an example of the transmission of an Ancient Maritime custom through history
  37. Moukarzel, Pierre (Lebanese University), The customs adopted in treaties concluded between Mamluk sultans and the Venetian doges (13th-15th centuries)
  38. Nagy, Péter (Central European University, Budapest), Islamic objects at the Hungarian royal court: Ritual and symbolism during the reign of Béla III (1172–1196)
  39. Nonveiller, Elena (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris), Paganism in the 7th century in Byzantium: the dynamics of exclusion and inclusion that defined Orthodoxy
  40. Olsen, Rasmus (Birkbeck), Chronicles as sources for rituals in the early Mamluk period: manifestations of power and protest
  41. Portass, Robert (Lincoln), Levels of Justice in Tenth-Century Northern Spain
  42. Powers, James (College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Massachusetts), War, Violence and Dispute Resolution in Monastic and Secular Romanesque Art: The Ecclesiastical Message in Spain
  43. Sacchi, Samuele (Bologna), Defending property and reshaping royal authority in Visigothic Spain: the Eighth Council of Toledo and the Lex Visigothorum
  44. Sandford-Crouch, Clare (Northumbria), The role of clothing in the construction and development of professional legal identities in late medieval Italy
  45. Santos Salazar, Igor (Trento), Rule through courts: the settlement of disputes in Castile and Tuscany during the tenth-century
  46. Schut, Kirsty (Toronto), Law and custom in the quodlibeta of John of Naples, OP
  47. Shelina, Evgeniya (Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales, Madrid), The Power of Language and the Language of Power in 13th Century Castilian Law
  48. Simeonova, Liliana (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences), Maritime Law vs. Customary Rules and Local Regulations in Byzantine and South-Italian Commerce, 9th– 11th Centuries
  49. Smarandache, Bogdan (Toronto), The Ḥanbalī Emigration of 551 AH/1156 AD from the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem in Light of Legal Opinions on Muslims under Non-Muslim Rule
  50. Stella, Attilio (Tel Aviv University), Is Feudalism Dead? Rituals, Customs and Laws of Fiefs in Medieval Italy
  51. Viale, Adrian (Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne), Legal elements in papal-imperial communications (6th-7th centuries)
  52. Vicens, Belen (Notre Dame), Infançones, franchos, and wannabes: Rethinking status and identity in late medieval Aragon
  53. Wagner, Esther-Miriam (Cambridge), Scribal practice and legal record-keeping in the Cairo Genizah
  54. Wissa, Myriam (London), Wine, law, custom and ritual in Umayyad Egypt
  55. Ženka, Josef (Institute of Near Eastern and African Studies, Charles University, Prague), The selection of a new emir and unofficial bay’a in Nasrid Granada (14th and 15th century)

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