Call for papers: The Late Antique & Early Medieval Trivium

CFP for session at Kalamazoo 2015: The Late Antique and Early Medieval Trivium
A session on the early medieval trivium encourages papers that examine the adoption and/or the adaptation of the Roman educational core, grammar, rhetoric, and dialectic in the post-classical world. A topic applicable to a range of fields including history, philosophy, theology, and linguistic studies, this session would allow a multi-disciplinary approach to the changing perceptions and applications of classical linguistic disciplines throughout the late antique and early medieval periods. As an integral component of the Roman educational system, the breadth of this topic would allow a  wide-sweeping look at the inheritance of classical education without geographical constraints.
The session welcomes papers that span the post-classical world, from Byzantium to Anglo-Saxon England, allowing scholars working in these diverse fields a chance for dialogue and debate. It will highlight investigations into early medieval education, but more broadly, applications of intellectual culture beyond the schoolroom, such as to the geopolitical arena. Due to its wide-ranging focus, this session also allows a variety of approaches to the topic of the “trivium” that may include: manuscript transmission of grammatical and rhetorical handbooks,  the application of the trivium within a specific intellectual milieu (e.g. Anglo-Saxon England), or examples of the appropriation of the trivium within other disciplines (e.g. biblical exegesis).
To submit a proposal for a 20 minute paper, please email an abstract and participant information by September 15, 2014.