MA Medieval Studies Tour of Lincoln

As medieval historians and University of Lincoln alumni, Lincoln’s remarkable history is not lost on us.

We did not know, however, that Visit Lincoln’s website offers pre-set historical tours of the city. There is a Roman Route, Jewish Route and a Battle of Lincoln Route, to name just a few. Yet, as a group we are interested in a broad range of history from Late Antiquity to Late Medieval; so, one Wednesday afternoon we took inspiration from the Visit Lincoln website and decided to wander around Lincoln looking for history we had never seen before. This is where we went:


MA Medieval Studies RouteRoute

  1. Lincoln Library
  2. Medieval Bishop’s Palace
  3. ‘Between Two Worlds’ sculpture by Michael Dan Archer
  4. Tennyson Statue
  5. Roman East Gate
  6. Newport Arch
  7. Roman Forum
  8. Cathedral and Castle View
  9. Westgate Water Tower
  10. View of the University



While we are planning on doing one of the pre-set tours eventually, our little wander around Lincoln Cathedral quarter showed us that there are some historical gems in the city that we didn’t even know about!

Visit Lincoln:

Route created by Hannah MacKenzie, Beth Williams and Lauren Brand: Three MA Medieval Studies Students.